Open to All: reader reviews

"A fascinating account of the history of the YHA, beautifully written..." "enjoyable, accessible... a "must have" for anyone with more than a passing interest in YHA..." "a truly impressive piece of research with detailed biographies of the key players involved in this fabulous institution that has given so much pleasure to so many of us."... Continue Reading →

Eighty years of youth hostelling

Eighty years of youth hostelling tells the story of youth hostels through nearly 450 photographs. It's a look at more than 80 years of YHA through photographs. The writers examined more than 2000 images when they were compiling the book. Personal reminiscence and extracts from YHA magazines and reports add detail and each decade is... Continue Reading →

A book about the spirit of YHA

The Spirit of YHA is many things to many different people. For some in the 1950s the true spirit was the spirit of those who walked or cycled and who did not use motor cars. For others it meant participating in youth hostels, taking part in the work that gave them life. For the authors... Continue Reading →

Youth hostel story

Oliver Coburn's book is the classic history of youth hostels in Britain. Published in 1950, Coburn wrote about the first 20 years of youth hostels.  All the familiar history is there.  The predecessors of youth hostels in European travel, how youth hostels began in Germany, their beginning in Britain on Merseyside, the early break neck... Continue Reading →

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