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Youth Hostel Profiles:

Historic counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

John Martin is making his YHA Hostel Profiles available on this site. The Profiles are descriptive historical studies of individual hostels or groups of them. They are snapshots at a point in time, rather than definitive histories, and are designed to be adaptable and revisable in the light of YHA’s ever-expanding Archive resources and new materials.

Profiles are listed on this site by regions made up of the historic counties of England and Wales. Our chosen method groups the historic counties into larger areas of England and Wales. It attempts a balance between current government regions and the many different regions used by YHA since 1930. Over time more regions will be listed with their hostels.

The Profiles are strictly for personal study only and are the copyright of John Martin, YHA’s volunteer archivist. They must not be republished, transmitted or distributed.

Over time the whole list of over 150 Profiles will be added on an area basis and you can find more information about profiles here

To open a profile, click on the text below each image.

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