Best foot forward – a youth hostel play


If you see the funny side of youth hostels, Best Foot Forward is for you: acute, astute, astoundingly funny and well put together.

Maeve Larkin, the writer, knows youth hostels and because she knows her duties, her sausages and her members, she gets it just right.

The cast is wonderful and the story charts the history and evolution of youth hostels from the spartan to the wi-fi, ensuites and red wine of today as Tif the hapless warden struggles to save her youth hostel from developers and modernisers.

She has the help of Connie, the spirit of YHA.

It’s all nearly as much fun as staying in a hostel, has as much to laugh about but you don’t get to stay the night.

Mikron Theatre reaches audiences other companies cannot because they  tour on their narrowboat, Tyseley, in the summer and by road in spring and autumn, to every conceivable type of venue.

I saw them outdoors on a sunny afternoon. With the sun in their eyes, in an open space with no acoustics  and no stage the show was brilliant. The actors play different roles, changing from one character into another seamlessly. It’s brilliant minimalist theatre full of quick fire humour and song.

Best Foot Forward is a hike through the history of hostelling. Set at Pearling Manor where something is afoot and it isn’t just the walkers.

The beautiful hostel, rich in YHA history, is lovely but falling apart. External forces are out to grab and turn it into a golf club.

Cue Connie, first ever warden, with a heart as big as her rucksack. She takes us on a journey through the YHA’s past in the hope of securing its future.

If you’ve never seen the funny side of youth hostels, get along to Best Foot Forward.

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