Yorks (N & E Ridings)

Youth Hostel Profiles:

Historic counties of Yorkshire (North and East Ridings)

Whitby Youth Hostel

These completed files are of hostels grouped into the historic North Riding and East Riding of Yorkshire.

The North Riding has had a considerable collection of hostels over the years on the Yorkshire Coast (for example Whitby hostel), on the North York Moors (Dalby Forest) and in the northern part of the Yorkshire Dales (Grinton Lodge). East Riding hostels have been relatively sparse, but a Beverley profile, for example, will appear here once completed.

The North and East Ridings of Yorkshire were represented regionally by YHA’s York Scarborough and Hull region and the southern part of Wear, Tees and Eskdale regions up to 1965, and Yorkshire region and Border and Dales regions 1965-86.

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The Profiles are strictly for personal study only and are the copyright of John Martin, YHA’s volunteer archivist. They must not be republished, transmitted or distributed.

You can find out more about the profiles here.

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