Quakers, aid, refugees and hostels

The origins and aims of youth hostels have often been misunderstood. Traditional views have youth hostels emerging from an outdoors movement of walkers and cyclists. This view overlooks the leading role played by Quakers in the pioneering years of youth hostels and the work of its first national secretary, E St John “Jack” Catchpool. Catchpool's... Continue Reading →

Colin Logan 1938 – 2018

Colin Logan, former YHA chief executive, has died in North Wales on 14 August 2018. Colin Logan came to the Youth Hostels Association when YHA stood on the verge of momentous change. Many would not have given YHA much chance of surviving in 1980. It had just emerged from a bruising and costly dispute with... Continue Reading →

A life changing experience

“How does a life-changing experience start? With some, it’s a single event; with others it creeps up on them over time.” Sir Chris Bonington has been a long time supporter of youth hostels. He’s one of those who found adventure through youth hostels and never looked back, and youth hostels were one of the events... Continue Reading →

YHA, the right to vote and young people

Democracy is coming to the YHA. Not as Leonard Cohen imagined, with a driving drum and a rousing chorus but democracy all the same. One-member-one-vote democracy. After the Youth Hostels Association's annual meeting in London on Saturday 30 June, from next year all members over-16 will be able to vote in elections to YHA’s Board... Continue Reading →

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