Principles, discovery and magic

Youth hostels were always magical, dreaming but practical places, run by locals but accommodating guests from far away places. They required generous spirits, and hard work, of the people who ran them and a willingness to welcome visitors from anywhere. They have always been international, places where the world and young people met. I’ve always... Continue Reading →

A brief history of international hostels

In 1932 people around Europe banded together and started an era of travel for all young people. Here's the brief story of those events. You can read the full story of how youth hostels developed in Richard Schirrmann, the man who invented youth hostels, available from Amazon, paperback or kindle. In the early 1930s different... Continue Reading →

A kitchen in Seattle

Youth hostel style is about freedom and sharing and their approach to food shows it. Landed in Seattle after a long flight from London we got lost. It's easy to do in a new city. Seattle is the city of aircraft and software. Once the headquarters of Boeing, the city is the home of Amazon... Continue Reading →

The free movement

Arriving at a youth hostel, you enter an international world. Despite being rooted in a local place you're likely to meet someone from another country whenever you stay in a youth hostel. Youth hostels are a part of an international movement for freedom  and travel and  I hope they will remain a little immune from... Continue Reading →

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