The hazards of archiving… and a rare find

Here's the latest news from YHA’s archives, courtesy of John Martin, YHA’s honorary archivist. John writes in the following article that over the years YHA has been pretty good with its retention of important archival material. "The prime objective of a company’s or charity’s archive is of course to retain its governance records for consultation,... Continue Reading →

That pioneering influence

I've long been interested in the influence Quakers had on youth hostels. Quakers gave youth hostels an ethos of simplicity and companionship that endured for years and, more tangibly, they ran regions and brought many properties to the infant YHA. In his memoirs Charles Allen, first regional secretary in Devon and Cornwall, wrote that it... Continue Reading →

Long in the tooth and intriguing

  The YHA Archive has recently acquired a very special item – a spiral bound typewritten personal memoir of Charles Allen, one of the pioneer organisers of the YHA in Devon and Cornwall from the 1930s to the 1960s. John Martin, YHA's Honorary Archivist, writes that it dates from the late 1970s. Charles Allen, was... Continue Reading →

News from the YHA Archive

May was an exciting and productive month for John Martin, YHA's honorary archivist. John writes about YHA's archive and its latest acquisitions and boxes and boxes of old records from the Lake District in this report. He came back from a recent trip to the Lake District laden with old files of fascinating material and... Continue Reading →

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