Lakeland changes

"Wet suits fitted", the sign said. We had just arrived in Ambleside. The rain blew softly around us as it often does in that town. We might have wanted to keep dry but the sign declared some thing else. River, lake and wild swimming have become a British fashion as we rediscover water is a... Continue Reading →

What’s changed and what has not

Back at Borrowdale in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago, I remembered I was last there about fifteen years ago. Lots has changed and lots has not, but that’s a bit like youth hostels too. Last time, I went to Borrowdale because the deputy prime minister, then John Prescott, wanted a visit. He... Continue Reading →

Radical roots

Chatting to a reporter from the BBC last week while taking part in an interview about the history of youth hostels, I was reminded that youth hostels were radical when they began and how much work had to be done to secure their future in 1930. Youth hostels are such a part of life for... Continue Reading →

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