Len Clark was a young Londoner in 1939. When Europe lost all reason and lurched into war in September he had drifted into the pacifist camp. He debated the rights and wrongs of war, took long walks in the countryside and listened to his gramophone for solace. I love diaries. Diaries and letters offer the... Continue Reading →

Best foot forward – a youth hostel play

If you see the funny side of youth hostels, Best Foot Forward is for you: acute, astute, astoundingly funny and well put together. Maeve Larkin, the writer, knows youth hostels and because she knows her duties, her sausages and her members, she gets it just right. The cast is wonderful and the story charts the... Continue Reading →

Open to All: reader reviews

"A fascinating account of the history of the YHA, beautifully written..." "enjoyable, accessible... a "must have" for anyone with more than a passing interest in YHA..." "a truly impressive piece of research with detailed biographies of the key players involved in this fabulous institution that has given so much pleasure to so many of us."... Continue Reading →

Eighty years of youth hostelling

Eighty years of youth hostelling tells the story of youth hostels through nearly 450 photographs. It's a look at more than 80 years of YHA through photographs. The writers examined more than 2000 images when they were compiling the book. Personal reminiscence and extracts from YHA magazines and reports add detail and each decade is... Continue Reading →

Never overtaken, never equalled

The Magic Triangle is an indispensable history of youth hostels around the world. Written by two men from the international federation of youth hostels it is a definitive history which, given its scope, is unlikely to be equalled or overtaken. Sadly it is rarely available today. Published in 1982, the book runs from the beginning... Continue Reading →

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