The overland trail to India

In 1961 a small group of youth hostel members went east, aiming to promote youth hostels, travel, and better relations between east and west. They went along the overland route to India, later known as the hippie trail but they were not hippies. They were more earnest. They had official backing and they were a... Continue Reading →

So, "what's next." Now that I've finished Open to All, a few people have asked what I plan next and this is a kind of answer. I've been looking around, visiting archives, reading books, mulling options. I've been to the Cadbury Research Library, reading old records again. I've been down to London, to the Friends... Continue Reading →

Youth hostels, Corbyn, Cameron and change

  Change troubles all organisations. David Cameron tried to change the conservatives. He went to Greenland, promised a newer kinder conservative government. Jeremy Corbyn wants to change the labour party. He claims a different style as a party leader, a softer, more authentic and honest approach to politics. Both men have found how difficult it is... Continue Reading →

June 1930

June is a great month for youth hostels. The weather is great, the days are long and can be warm. For many youth hostels it's the busiest time of year, especially for those with school and youth groups staying. It's also an important month for youth hostels. It's the month when they had their official... Continue Reading →

Should we ban cars?

This week the Guardian ran a piece on the ten best hostels and lodges that can only be reached by foot. Surprisingly to me and another reader they neglected Black Sail hut in the Lake District but included Glen Affric in Scotland. More interesting than that oversight, another reader commented that "the Youth Hostels Association... Continue Reading →

Questions easy, questions hard.

People sometimes ask simple questions about youth hostel history that quickly get complicated. This week someone asked when YHA's Enterprise scheme started.  That's easy.  YHA launched its current licensing scheme in 2003.  Under the scheme YHA licenses individuals and organisations to run youth hostels. If it works well you will never need to know who... Continue Reading →

Live More YHA

Ever wondered how youth hostels have lasted for more than 80 years. The answer just might be in the latest YHA magazine, Live More YHA, which launched in August.  Packed with network news, big name interviews and the latest gear reviews, the e-zine went to 350,000 people, members and non-members. Electronic and colourful, it's the latest... Continue Reading →

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