Simple friendly chains

Youth hostels are about travel and, at their start, that was travelling on foot, from place to place, from one hostel to the next. A chain or chains of youth hostels had been the dream of many when they first entertained the idea of hostels; the dream of leaving the place where you lived and... Continue Reading →

Open to All revised

A new and illustrated edition Events change, times move and the up to date becomes old news. We all face the slow fade of what was new and exciting into rubbed, dull life so it's inevitable to want to revive and renew when time has passed. Open to All was published four years ago. Readers... Continue Reading →

A woman on her own

The Gummersons, far left, a married couple who ran early youth hostels, here at Stainforth. In the years around 1950 youth hostels changed. Little shows the change as dramatically as the employment of women in youth hostels. In the years before the second world war, many women had run youth hostels on their own. By... Continue Reading →

Hostel work, Gwen Moffat and Rowen

Women, history and hostels #7 Gwen Moffat wrote about a time after war, when, with “peace declared, all the excitement was over, and now there was only the bewildering prospect of demobilisation and beyond that… nothing.” Except she found excitement in climbing, in the beauty of the hills, “swimming in winter pools with snow crusting... Continue Reading →

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