Newsletter February 2018

P1070528A lovely few days here in Derbyshire and my good fortune, to be out walking, and in our garden, has set me pondering.

How do you improve lives? Life for many in our society does not seem to be getting better and is probably getting worse. Inequality is thought to be growing, lives are getting meaner and communities more shrivelled, so how do you go about improving lives?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and you can read more of my thinking here and find out more about my next book.

The Youth Hostels Association, YHA, always committed to improving lives, has launched a fund to help others even more. You can read about the new fund here:

Nature and being outdoors improves our lives. I’m happier when I’ve been walking or out in our garden, so I loved the idea of this book curated by Katharine Norbury, a writer I admire. Plenty of men have been writing about nature for centuries so, for a different perspective, I am supporting this book. You can find out more, and help if you can here:

And finally, I was pleased to hear that YHA LIverpool was voted the best hostel in England.You can find out more here:

If you’d like to receive news like this in future, sign up here:

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