Exciting times ahead

  A lovely break from writing and all things writing. I've been painting window frames, a long neglected and long overdue job. ┬áThe weather's been lovely, too hot at times for balancing on a ladder, but also some of the first cool days that hint of summer ending. A trip to Bristol and another to... Continue Reading →

A trip to the Albert Hall

  August and a visit to the Albert Hall for a prom is becoming a habit. Sitting in the hall, waiting for Clemency Burton-Hill to introduce The Sixteen, I counted chairs and wondered how much space 5000 people took.┬áThat number of people turned up in August 1950 for YHA's 21st birthday. The celebrations were lavish.... Continue Reading →

Even werewolves check their facts

  I passed an important milestone yesterday. I finished proofing the book. I made the final amends and off the manuscript went one final time. I can say I am pretty pleased! Non-fiction makes for tricky proofing. I'm sure if I wrote fiction, proofing would be easier. There'd be none of those pesky facts to... Continue Reading →

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