They were making history

  YHA made history in Cardiff in July. It stopped being the representative democracy, like parliament, that it has always been. Former MP, cabinet member and YHA president, Richard Caborn, recognised the moment and praised YHA for the way it had embraced change. Caborn, speaking at YHA's annual  general meeting in Cardiff, the first such... Continue Reading →

Richard Schirrmann in England

To Willersley Castle for a meeting today.  I can't help but remember that Richard Schirrmann was here in 1934. He came with delegates from across Europe, from Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, England and Wales, France, Germany, Holland, the Irish Republic, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Poland, Scotland and Switzerland. They met here for four days. They pooled their... Continue Reading →

Youth hostels, Corbyn, Cameron and change

  Change troubles all organisations. David Cameron tried to change the conservatives. He went to Greenland, promised a newer kinder conservative government. Jeremy Corbyn wants to change the labour party. He claims a different style as a party leader, a softer, more authentic and honest approach to politics. Both men have found how difficult it is... Continue Reading →

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