The free movement

Arriving at a youth hostel, you enter an international world. Despite being rooted in a local place you're likely to meet someone from another country whenever you stay in a youth hostel. Youth hostels are a part of an international movement for freedom  and travel and  I hope they will remain a little immune from... Continue Reading →

June 1930

June is a great month for youth hostels. The weather is great, the days are long and can be warm. For many youth hostels it's the busiest time of year, especially for those with school and youth groups staying. It's also an important month for youth hostels. It's the month when they had their official... Continue Reading →

Never overtaken, never equalled

The Magic Triangle is an indispensable history of youth hostels around the world. Written by two men from the international federation of youth hostels it is a definitive history which, given its scope, is unlikely to be equalled or overtaken. Sadly it is rarely available today. Published in 1982, the book runs from the beginning... Continue Reading →

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