Questions easy, questions hard.

People sometimes ask simple questions about youth hostel history that quickly get complicated. This week someone asked when YHA's Enterprise scheme started.  That's easy.  YHA launched its current licensing scheme in 2003.  Under the scheme YHA licenses individuals and organisations to run youth hostels. If it works well you will never need to know who... Continue Reading →

Shining Cliff youth hostel

Out for a walk in the first spring sunshine, we detoured up hill through the woods at Shining Cliff to see the old youth hostel. Climbing the path through the trees the hostel seems almost suspended above you, an idyllic spot in acres of woodland. The original wooden hostel started as a collection of former... Continue Reading →

Sir Charles Trevelyan

About the end of 1928, forty-six people formed the Northumbrian Trampers Guild to provide places where their members could stay when out walking. The group of keen walkers and cyclists, many of them members of young people's organisations, in Newcastle picked Sir Charles Trevelyan as their President. His support was vital to the guild. He... Continue Reading →

Youth hostel story

Oliver Coburn's book is the classic history of youth hostels in Britain. Published in 1950, Coburn wrote about the first 20 years of youth hostels.  All the familiar history is there.  The predecessors of youth hostels in European travel, how youth hostels began in Germany, their beginning in Britain on Merseyside, the early break neck... Continue Reading →

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