The best advice


I spent the last two weeks having a break.

I had a lot of fun. I spent time with friends and family. We went walking on the South Downs on a lovely sunny morning and I visited an old colleague from YHA. We spent time talking about lots of things without an agenda which made a change.

I visited some lovely gardens with my daughter, her husband and baby and had a lovely meal out with the whole family in Lewes.

In between we spent a week at Coniston Coppermines. It’s one of the oldest youth hostels in the Lake District. It was open before youth hostels had started in England.

We were at Coppermines as volunteer caretakers. While we were there it snowed and snowed for a day and a half, which was lovely. I love snow probably because I grew up in a place where it didn’t snow. The way snow changes the world is magical.

I also sketched out and wrote a final chapter for my book. I really enjoyed that.

Now I know where the book is heading. Now I know where I want it to end. Now I know where the story is going it will be much, much easier to finish it.

If I was giving advice on writing anything, I would say make sure you know where the story you are writing is going to end.

But it isn’t that easy. Sometimes the only way you can work out a story is by writing it and by writing it right to the end.

A week at Coppermines high above the Coniston was a lovely place to bring it all to an end.

So that’s it. The end of my break and back to the final edit of the book. I feel optimistic about it because I know where I am gong and where the story ends.

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